Sunday, March 20, 2011

OWH virtual party prize

Did you join in the Facebook virtual cardmaking party for Operation Write Home yesterday? Color me JEALOUS!  I gave up Facebook for my Lenten fast, and I miss seeing the gorgeous cards and inspiration posted each day!

Anyhow, word on the street was that Sandy and crew promised lots of challenges AND some prizes! One of those prizes is right here (yes, this fabric!):

A Cuttlebug dust cover! See the Bug peeking out?

Congrats to the lucky winner! If it's not you, you can make one yourself by visiting my tutorial page for instructions and a pattern. Happy crafting! 


  1. Woohoo! I was the winner. Thanks so much, Jen, for joining in the VCMP in your own way! Want us to email you the challenges so you can make the cards without breaking your Lenten promise of no Facebook?! I wrote them all down as I did them!

  2. That would be awesome, Allison! Thanks!


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