Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A sampling of CAS-ness

I've been really working on honing the CAS style lately, so I thought I'd just share a few cards. Why? Well, my littlest tossed Cheerios ALL over not once but TWICE during daily mass this morning, and that was after dumping a bowl of them at home already, so why not? LOL

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  1. Well it looks to me, like you are doing an excellent job on your CAS! I also love this style and really need to make it work more for me.

    It's becoming one of my favorite styles, but I need a lot of work to get my cards to come out this good!!

    :) Lisa

    PS: I loved your adorable OWG card too! :)

  2. Jen each one of these cards is wonderful! I really love the soft colors! I don't do too well with CAS, so I have taken some notes from yours...thanks for the inspiration!


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