Monday, January 16, 2012

Tuesday Tips: ORGANIZING! :)

Hey all! I'm featured over the at the OWH Stars & Stamps blog today with some tips for organizing your craft space. I am not some fastidiously tidy person that completely rocks the organization scene, but I do LOVE to organize. I just struggle with maintainance! :)

Today's post is going to be picture heavy. It's craft space stuff with a gander at my recently organized spice cabinet.  :) First off, here's a look at my craft space/office. It's small, but MINE.

View from the dining room (this room has french doors that open to the dining room and windows on two walls)

The east wall, aka 'office'

Christmas find from Target's 90% off Christmas clearance. Yup, $1.49 for this tray
that I can use to take projects to the living room to work on when the kids are in bed!

SU clamshell boxes are great for holding 'works in progress' until I can get back to working on them...
no lost pieces!

My original portable tray from Target - yes, on clearance, but I paid $16. WORTH EVERY PENNY. It's 18x26 inches
and holds a ton of stuff out on my desk so I can SEE what I want/need to use up, but keeps it organized.

Ribbon storage - big rolls in the jar on the left, then scraps (about 8" or less), then empty clothespins,
jar at the back holds buttons and then the ribbons that are on clothespins are in the basket with my Unity
Stamp Co ribbon doohickey. The Scor-pal lives behind the ribbon basket.

I wind all of my ribbons on wooden clothespins with a straight pin. I just shake the basket to find the
right color of ribbon. Storing these in jars meant poked fingers!
My "OWH box". This box lives in a drawer and holds envelopes with tucked flaps, completed cards, my OWH stamp,
and post-its so I can label each type of card and rubber-band them together. This makes it easy to pull it all out to put a
 box together, and I know when I have to send one as it's overflowing!
The OWH box drawer. Also: composition notebooks for altering, some sewing thread and pins, clamsehll boxes for storage, and my daughter's own scrap pile. :) Anyhero cards are in that round penguin tin!
Remember Caboodles? I found this one for $1 and it's great for embellishments, Stickles and flocking, and some chipboard accents.
My tiny embelliles in a repurposed sewing organizer. Note the baby spoon - it is PERFECT for digging through
 the compartments to find what I need without making a huge mess. 
Some stamp storage (CD cases), large ink pads, CB plates and folders, colored pencils, Nesties, my ribbon iron (I KNOW, I KNOW, but I love it)
A large pie plate (50 cents at the thrift shop) keeps my tiny ink spots and ink pads organized.

Stamp/ink drawer with the pie plate of ink spots inside  as well. They sit nicely on top of the large ink pads!

See the 8" to the right of the fridge? When we were remodeling we thought it would be wasted space, but then I had a brililant idea...

MY SPICE CABINET! Yup, this is the 8" to the right of the fridge. Yes, I do use post-its for everything. I LOVE POST-ITS.
Thanks for visiting me today! I hope I inspired you to go organize. :)



  1. Congrats Jen for being featured at OWH. I'm loving all your tips here and over there... and the pics are awesome and you have a great space. My space is trashed... literally. I had a home break-in on Dec 1st and my craft room was one of the rooms badly trashed. Some things were ruined and some things I just can't find anywhere. On the bright side... it's really forcing me to purge and organize as I put my room back together. Thanks so much for sharing your tips!

  2. You are sooooo neat. If I were to showcase my area you'd think I might need to do some serious purging. I LOVE how organized you are-- it's awesome. The spice cabinet--LOVE it soooo much!

  3. I love looking at craft spaces and all the great finds people find. Love the miss mashed glass jars. I needed pickles so I bought a big jar today at the store so I can repurpose it when we are done with them.....Thanks for sharing!


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