Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OWH design bootcamp... and I need accountability.

Hello there!

Paula over at the OWH blog is doing Design Bootcamp on Mondays. LOVE IT! This week's lesson was on color. I love color. If you saw my house, you'd understand. I don't paint anything white! LOL

So my husband didn't 'get' my card. I thought it was clever. What do you think?
This is analagous colors, by the way (and also sketch 132):
No idea where this paper is from. Anyone?
I cut the chevron part by hand following the pattern! LOL

This is the inside.
QuickKutz heart die, Lawn Fawn ABC's

Today my eldest was sick and stayed home from school, so while the girls played relatively quietly and rested I decided to organize the 'scrap pile' and put all the pieces back with the 6x6 pad they came from. You guys? If I ever mention paper again this year, YELL at me. 
These pads are mostly new.
Pads that only have a couple of sheets remaining are in the baggies.
The bin has pads that are about half used.
That black basket is FULL of half-used pads. 
So. I figured I better post pics to keep myself accountable. Hi, I'm Jen, and I love paper....



  1. Hi Jen. My stack is bigger than your stack. I'm embarrassed. :-( Pat Kinkaid

  2. You don't even want to see my stash. I talked to my mom tonight and she said she bought me 3 stacks today alone. Eep! I need paper like I need a hole in the head. :)

  3. Thats a lot of paper! I think the hall of shame has mamy members. For the scraps. I take off the front cover. I make an envelope on the back of it. I put the scraps in the envelopes. Been working all day with my REALLY old Basic Grey pads. It doesn't look like I made a dent. Meanwhile a cute pad of Bo Bunny is crying to be used. One of my daughters bought me 3 pads from M's for Christmas. Oh my.

  4. I may not have the 6x6 pads but I do have a few 12x12 pads. Since I was a scrapbooker before a cardmaker I have boxes of 12x12 paper.... AND I've given away boxes of 12x12 paper.... AND I still have enough to make cards till the dinosaurs return.... yeah, I'm Lynn and I have paper! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Um. I'm worse. Not only do I have a shelf of 12x12, I have a filing cabinet of 8.5x11, two shelves of commercial samples from a printshop, 10 or so 6x6 in various states and three plastic shoeboxes of cut down stock. I'm Yolanda and I love paper. That's why I had to take up mixed media collages too LOL.

  6. Hi, my name is Cindy... and I too, am a paper-a-holic. If there was a fire in the scrap basket, I'm not sure I'd be sad. However, it probably wouldn't take long to replace it... lol.

  7. HAHA Oh heavens, I think paper is everyone's weakness. I see paper & oohhhh that's would great for such & such. I have a rolling rack for my 12x12 DP, a shelving unit for my 12x12 solid colors, 1 drawer with hanging files of 8 1/2x11 solid color (and one behind each color for scraps). I'm in the process of converting another filing drawer for 8 1/2x11 DP & scraps. I have a huge pile of 12x12, 8x8 & 6x6 pads that I haven't had a chance to do anything with. You are NOT alone girl!

  8. Heyyyyy... That's some nice paper wrangling that you did there. :) I like your card a lot .. I totally "get" the beating heart thing and I think it's super cute! TFS!

  9. Ummmm. I don't even want to think about sharing my scrap piles.... They are sorted by season.... ;) You are not alone in your love of paper!

  10. Hi, I'm Jen, and I love paper.... LOL. Hmmmm... and to think you kept inspiring me last year to "use what I have". :) I don't have nearly as large a paper stash but I do have way to many stamps that never see the light of day so i can totally relate. I am currently tackling sorting and deciding what stays and what gets sold or given away.

  11. Jen, I love your card! I don't even want to admit how much paper I have! I just donated a 10" stack of 12x12, and could donate many more and still have plenty!! I received the ink and fun little treat also. Thank you!


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