Friday, January 11, 2013

Smile... my 7" of crazy-making space and the $1.49 solution

So, you all know I like organization, right? Well, I have this craft space that has only 3 walls (french doors on the 4th side) and windows cover the top of 2 of those 3 walls. In the corner, I'm left with this 7" of space:

From counter top to ceiling, it's about 5.5'.
I just stood on the counter top and then
realized there were a few inches yet above my head. :)
 So my forever idea (that I have actually never even attempted) was to find some small wall brackets and turn them sideways to fit, so I could use the scrollwork to fit some small jars or whatnot on them. For storage, and of course, to use up that darn space. So last weekend I found these and bought 3, thinking they might work.
Tiny wall bracket, courtesy of Fleet Farm. And yes, that is where farmers
and a whole lot of Amish people shop. 
They fit - barely! - but the real problem was that measly scrollwork wasn't going to hold a darn thing. So what's the point, right? Exactly. Which made me change the question to "what do I currently need a better system for, and how could I make this space work?"

THAT was the light bulb moment. See this huge jar of ribbon spools? You can't reach in and get what's on the bottom, you have to dump them all out. Smaller pieces get wrapped on wooden clothespins and go in that brown basket in the first pic, but these spools needed a home. 
Enormous glass pickle jar :)

$1.49 at my local hardware store, and I even had to carry a sleeping (read: HEAVY) 3 year old to get this, and we had a solution.

I bought a wooden dowel, 3/8"x4', and grounded it in my medium-sized glass jar of empty ribbon clothespins. The lid of the jar is small enough that the bottom spool rests on top without falling in, and I put a pin in each spool, so no need to take them off to cut a piece! I easily have 30" more space at the top of the spool, should I go on a ribbon buying spree. :)

And of course, a card pic. I made 6 of these today! This is an Operation Write Home sketch. I have no idea which one.
Jillibean Soup dp, Gina K cardstock
Unity Stamp co sentiment

And there you have it. That 7" will no longer drive me crazy. Aren't you glad? LOL :)



  1. Ah the challenges of organizing our crafting spaces. Fantastic solution! Your card is very cute and yet you didn't take advantage of the easy access to the ribbon! LOL! Have a great weekend.

  2. Love the solution--but seriously adore the card--it's sooooo cute! Love it!

  3. A clever solution!! You need to go buy some more ribbon.

  4. What a creative solution! I love that your storage space can grow with you.

  5. Very creative! I love it! AND frugal...

  6. What a cute card! and your organization tips are brilliant!!

  7. Such a sweet card! Love the colors! Your idea for ribbon is brilliant and looks fabulous!


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