Sunday, February 10, 2013

WIWS #115 - in which I showcase my new leopard scarf

What I Wore Sunday linkup

This is my second week linking up at Fine Linen & Purple for "What I Wore Sunday". Thanks to all of you who visited me and left such sweet comments last week. :)

So, here's the thing. For the longest time now I have loved scarves (this and my new propensity to wear hats makes my MIL have some hope for my fashion future*), but I have wanted a gorgeous leopard/animal print and I haven't found a darn thing that I would buy (well, that was in my price range).  So imagine my surprise when I was on Amazon earlier in the week looking for curtains, thought to search for a leopard print scarf, and found this:

Hat: Relativity; Scarf: Amazon
Top and pants: Ann Taylor
$6.84 shipped and I had Amazon credit so it cost me about $4. I love this scarf. It's probably my new signature piece. :) Yes, the hat again. I desperately need a haircut but the husband is swamped at work and my mom had an accident, so getting in is a serious problem. :/

Oh, and here's a closeup of the pants. The pinstripe is very subtle:

And that brings us to the preparations for Lent. What are you sacrificing or adding to your life for the 40 days? I usually try to do both; sacrificing something that's not so good for me and adding more prayer. This year I am committed to sacrificing baked goods and adding daily prayer time - not just bedtime prayers - with our two girls. I try hard to make it happen, but we are not in a routine. Doing it daily for 40 days should establish a habit!

Thanks for visiting me! See you next Sunday!

*My MIL and I are polar fashion opposites. She is tall and large-framed and wears lots of big, bold patterns and enormous jewelry. I am short and small-framed and relish nice neutrals and small, classic pieces of jewelry. She just doesn't understand why I won't try the things she likes - she has the best of intentions, but seriously, a pin she made me covered nearly half of my chest (true story. It's feathers; pink and blue ones and please don't beg me to show you because then I would have to share embarrassing photos!).


  1. I've been dying for a leopard scarf, too! Happy Sunday, Jen!

  2. the leopard with the blue - so awesome!!!

  3. Love the leopard scarf! Such a fun accessory.

  4. LOVE leopard print stuff myself! And I like that it pops the rest of your outfit without overwhelming it!

    AND LOLOLOL on the MIL fashion pin!

  5. OK..totally loving that scarf especially paired with the blue top. As for Lent, my hubby and I are giving up TV Monday through Friday, we are praying morning and evening prayer together, and hopefully a daily rosary. I also have some reading to do. As I get older I appreciate this penitential season more and more.

  6. Ooooh, love the scarf...and the hat ;) Happy second week of linking up! Mine too!

  7. The scarf is great! My MIL and I have different tastes, but thankfully, I love everything she picks out for me. But, we are both on the taller/bigger side if things.

  8. Still need to reflect more on my Lenten sacrifices. I wore my leopard scarf today too! They're so great; go with everything.

  9. The scarf is very nice, but what I really love is the HAT!

  10. Scarves on Amazon! That never even occurred to me as an option! I, too, am digging the hat.

  11. A little leopard can really add something to a look! As for Lent, would I sound crazy if I said I still don't know what I'm doing? Eek!


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