Sunday, April 21, 2013

WIWS; the importance of cami's edition

Happy Sunday!!

I recently discovered Stitchfix. I LOVE this dress that I got from my first fix, and I was thrilled when I tried it on that it covered without showing a lot of cleavage. So I took it along to Florida.... where the heat, or having it stretch as I wore it made me... show cleavage. I hadn't taken a cami along (dumb move, Jen, seriously dumb!) so I apologize to the good people at Disney on Easter. Note to self - trying to rearrange your dress all day is NOT fun.

So, we came home and I found a great little cami for 2.99. :)  We had a baptism of a good friend's baby this morning and we have a family party this afternoon... and I still love the dress. It just needs a safety net! :)

Dress, stichfix
Cardigan, Banna Republic
Camisole - thrifted
yellow/gold chain bracelet -thrifted
As usual, I'm liking up with the fine women at FLAP. :) I wish I could tell you it's spring here... but it snowed during the night and this morning. This was my backyard:



  1. Great move matching the cami to the tights. Love the look. So comfortable and stylish!! Happy Sunday!

  2. You look pretty! Camis really are outfit savers.

  3. Beautiful! And I love the reference to camis as a safety net-ha! No snow here today, but a dusting yesterday and still too cold for spring. Ugh is right. At least it is sunny, though...

  4. What a cute dress! Yes, cami's definitely are a safety net.

  5. I love your cardigan and I cannot believe that snow. It is nearly May! Have a wonderful week! :)


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