Sunday, August 11, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

It's been quite a while since I've linked up the ladies at FLAP for What I Wore Sunday. Recently my husband and I decided to refresh our wardrobes with a quick shopping trip to the Mall of America, so we packed up the kids, dropped them at the grandparents' house where they got to do all sorts of fun (play outside, use all of Grandpa's ropes to capture bad guys, play at the local fast food play space, go to church, and eat all the donuts they could want for breakfast) and drove ourselves to Bloomington.

We were very sad to see Bloomingdale's close last year; we don't buy a lot of new clothes but we've both decided it's worth it to invest in quality pieces. So we headed to Nordstrom.

This is now one of my all-time favorite dresses (now they put it on sale!):
Trying to get a shoe shot as well

Love the back piping!
 It's so CUTE and so easy to wear. I love how modest it is while still being really modern. At $138, it was more than I would normally pay for a dress - but I'll easily wear it 10+ times before winter comes (and wouldn't it look cute with tights and boots in the fall?), so I think it was a good purchase.

I wore it several days ago with heavier jewelry and it looked blah to me, so today I tried the yellow belt and a simple pearl bracelet and I like the look much better. Those wedges are awesome AND killer. My feet hurt. LOL

Here are my pretty girlies as well:
Nora's dress thrifted via Target, Tabby's is handmade via my mom!
My husband didn't make it to Mass with us this morning, but the girls get an A- for mass behavior, which is awesome. I admit to offering a "special treat" to those who did well in Mass before we entered the church... we stopped at the grocery store afterward. Nora chose a huge piece of rotisserie chicken and demolished it for lunch! Tabby of course chose a doughnut. :)


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  1. I love that your daughter chose Rotisserie chicken as her after Mass treat..that is awesome. And super cute dress...great find!

  2. That is a cool dress! Love all the details. You look great!

  3. FAB-U-LOUS! Love the detail on the back. Isn't it wonderful when the dress is interesting from the front and the back? Very nice!

  4. love the fun skirt of that dress and the belt color pop! very cute and stylish.

  5. That dress is adorable!! Love it!


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