Sunday, February 3, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (WIWS) - my new coat!

What I Wore Sunday linkup
Hello! This is my first time linking up for What I Wore Sunday at Fine Linen & Purple. If you missed my link up to shop my closet, go to this post to see what I have left. :)

It was not the smartest idea to wear a skirt and tights as it was only about 11 degrees. BRRR!

This is my new coat from Target. Last one, my size, 70% off for only $17 plus my Redcard discount. Score!

I don't have a full-length mirror. Yes, I am standing on our bathroom bathtub steps.
I'm making the best of it! LOL
Coat: Target; hat: Younkers Department store

And here's the outfit. 
Shirt: Ann Taylor LOFT
Skirt: Banana Republic
I tried to get a close up of my new bracelet - only 2.99 on clearance!
Younkers department store, 2.99 clearance
Scarf found on my local sale page on Facebook - no idea where it's from but I love it!


  1. That is such a pretty coat, and I love your hat and bracelet! You look great!

  2. Ohh, so I'm not the only one who stands on things in the bathroom to see my whole outfit! You look great. That coat is amazing, and I'm always looking to add to my bangle collection--that shade of orange is one of my favorite colors!

  3. Love that you are standing on the steps in your bathroom! That scarf is awesome - really makes the whole outfit pop!

  4. I love that addition of that bracelet!

  5. Love that coat - one of my all-time favorite colors!

  6. I love your hat! And you look super cute.

  7. Toootally used my bathroom mirror today! Grat score w/ that coat.

  8. That scarf — YES. And a seriously amazing buy on that coat.

  9. The scarf is awesome. The coat is stunning and I like your bathroom too! LOL! Looking fabulous!!

  10. Great deals! Love the scarf.

    This was my first time linking up, too! And we don't have a full length mirror either :)

  11. Haha! I have to stand on my toilet for heaven's sakes! And I adore the bracelet!

  12. Hello! This is my first time visiting your blog from the WIWS link up. Your website is adorable!! New follower here!
    - Susan

  13. I am loving your coat! Such a pretty, flattering color! And that bracelet is gorgeous...I am in love with enamel lately.

    And is it too off-topic to comment on the pretty bathroom?


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